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Vision statement


The world is controlled by three major things which are; Money, Religion and Politics which are the three things that Adam the first man was given by God. Adam being created by God , kept in the garden of Eden was asked to work first and manage the garden and eat from it which was his source of resources and his interaction with God in the garden was a religious one , while his relationship with Eve, other people and the animals in the field was politically inclined and so records the bible that money[Resources] answers all things. 

In a world full of diverse wants to be met by different individuals, getting money is paramount , and to get money, there must be a business relationship between two people or a person and an organization. Many times, people scam each other and get away with it, and sometimes , people scam organization or the organization scam people. 

We believe business can be pure and clean without scamming and everyone would still return home with profit, however, many individuals or firm do not want such level ground for transacting business to exist , hence, the level of scam is on the high increase.

Hangoutwithjoe is born with a vision to see a future where everyone can engage in healthy business relationship void of scams which will culminate in high returns to investment and with good training to ensure long continuance of such business entity or entrepreneurs in business processes.