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As a man thinks, so is he

As a man thinks so is he.  If you think you are indomitable,  so be it for you.  If you think the economy situation is why you don't have cash, that's why you still don't have cash. If you think you are poor because your uncle or aunty abroad has refused to send dollars to you,  that's why you still remain poor because your don't really need visa to make money from abroad,  you can make dollars right here in Nigeria without going near the US or UK embassy.  If you think you have financial problems because your company has refused to increase your salary,  seriously,  you have no gut to look your boss in the eye and say "Boss you are fired". Your salary is not the problem of your financial situation,  your financial problems begins with not looking for what you can do to multiply your income.  If a 17 year old girl can make over 28k within 3 days doing a simple biz,  in 30 days,  she would probably make over 280k. That's someone's salary of 5 months in just 1 month. To change your financial situation or problem, think of solving human problems around you. The world is a market place,  everyone has something to sell or offer in exchange for money.  Right now,  I have some customers I need to attend to,  stay tuned for my next post where I will be showing what I did for one of my customers,  Made Men Boutique and wonderful clothing items you can get from them.  Today is going to be a great day for me and for you,  say a big Amen and type it below if you believe . ...the game of Business.

Joseph Erinle