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Some people just vomit nasty words out of their oesophagus and through their mouth and they think they have talked sense or spoken well and when you give them just a piece of what they offered you, they go berserk.

Dont serve what you can not eat to your fellow being, either junior or senior, black or white, Asian or African or Hispanic ... respect is reciprocal and this cuts across all gender, respect whoever comes your way, you are not the only one that deserve all the respect, it is called humility when you respect others and you are polite to them...nothing lives in the dead sea, because it keeps collecting water from other sources and does not give out.

When you keep collecting all these respect and curtsey and you dont give back appropriately, you stink just like the dead sea....and dont look down on me except your intention is to change my shoe or adjust my shoe lace for me..what you give will surely be given back to you in good measure, well shaken together and in some cases, it would even run over like the scripture say. #bepolitetoothers