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I woke up BLACK!

I woke up BLACK, nevertheless, i will express myself. I am a man that
likes to express himself anywhere and at any time if giving the
opportunity to do so and I have many things to communicate with my
readers world wide and I am glad for this medium to express myslef.

Many times I wonder why there is racial discrimination among humans.
If it were possible for anyone of us to choose a color we would prefer
after we have been born, I wonder what we would all look like,
specifically, I would have choose the rainbow colour, because with
that, no one can brag to me about his or her own colour.

It still amazes me anyway on how people discriminate their skin
colour, something animals dont do. For instance, I have three dogs
whose names are '' Potter, Granger and Richshe'' Potter and Granger
are both white in colour, while richshe is black in colour and with
some brown colour patches on the limbs. These dogs play together
happily, eat and sleep together.

I think we really need to change our perception on how we see other
humans with diffeent colour because one day , that same person you
detest for being black, white or red may be the one to save your live
with his or her blood, just think about it. To me , I woke up BLACK, I
love my colour and I do not hate anyone's else colur, because they
woke up white or red too.

Till I come across your way again, my Name still remains Joseph
Erinle, and you can contact me via