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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Putting Rubbish In Display Everywhere!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Some people just vomit nasty words out of their oesophagus and through their mouth and they think they have talked sense or spoken well and when you give them just a piece of what they offered you, they go berserk.

Dont serve what you can not eat to your fellow being, either junior or senior, black or white, Asian or African or Hispanic ... respect is reciprocal and this cuts across all gender, respect whoever comes your way, you are not the only one that deserve all the respect, it is called humility when you respect others and you are polite to them...nothing lives in the dead sea, because it keeps collecting water from other sources and does not give out.

When you keep collecting all these respect and curtsey and you dont give back appropriately, you stink just like the dead sea....and dont look down on me except your intention is to change my shoe or adjust my shoe lace for me..what you give will surely be given back to you in good measure, well shaken together and in some cases, it would even run over like the scripture say. #bepolitetoothers

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Story of an Elephant and a Dog

An elephant and a dog became pregnant at same time. Three months down the line the dog gave birth to six puppies. Six months later the dog was pregnant again, and nine months on it gave birth to another dozen puppies. The pattern continued.
On the eighteenth month the dog approached the elephant questioning, "Are you sure that you are pregnant? We became pregnant on the same date, I have given birth three times to a dozen puppies and they are now grown to become big dogs, yet you are still pregnant.
Whats going on?"
The elephant replied, "There is something I want you to understand. What I am carrying is not a puppy but an elephant. I only give birth to one in two years. When my baby hits the ground, the earth feels it. When my baby crosses the road, human beings stop and watch in admiration, what I carry draws attention. So what I'm carrying is mighty and great."
Dear friend, whenever anyone tries to mock you or your dream just because they can't see results yet.
Let them know that there is greatness within you. Remind them that it may be slow, but it is sure and it is extraordinary.
Most importantly, don't ever stop working on birthing that greatness within you... no matter what they say... no matter what you see... no matter how you feel.
Be unstoppable....... My best is yet to come, so is yours!!!!!

Nigerian Banks Mobile Top-up codes

Knowledge is Power.....I thought we might need this:

How to recharge phone from your bank account. (All banks)

1.Access bank:*901*amount#




5.First Bank:*894*amount#


7.Heritage bank:*322*030*amount#


9.Sky bank:*389*076*1*amount#

10.Stanbic IBTC: *909*amount#



13.Unity bank:*322*215*amount#

14.Zenith:*966*amount# or *302*amount# (for mtn users)

15.Diamond bank(yellow acct. only):*710*555*phone no*amount*pin#

To know your BVN, dial

Share the information with friends and loved ones.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I woke up BLACK!

I woke up BLACK, nevertheless, i will express myself. I am a man that
likes to express himself anywhere and at any time if giving the
opportunity to do so and I have many things to communicate with my
readers world wide and I am glad for this medium to express myslef.

Many times I wonder why there is racial discrimination among humans.
If it were possible for anyone of us to choose a color we would prefer
after we have been born, I wonder what we would all look like,
specifically, I would have choose the rainbow colour, because with
that, no one can brag to me about his or her own colour.

It still amazes me anyway on how people discriminate their skin
colour, something animals dont do. For instance, I have three dogs
whose names are '' Potter, Granger and Richshe'' Potter and Granger
are both white in colour, while richshe is black in colour and with
some brown colour patches on the limbs. These dogs play together
happily, eat and sleep together.

I think we really need to change our perception on how we see other
humans with diffeent colour because one day , that same person you
detest for being black, white or red may be the one to save your live
with his or her blood, just think about it. To me , I woke up BLACK, I
love my colour and I do not hate anyone's else colur, because they
woke up white or red too.

Till I come across your way again, my Name still remains Joseph
Erinle, and you can contact me via

Monday, 3 October 2016

30 Proven Facts to Make You Free From Poverty Mentality in 30 days!

Fact 1: Poverty mentality begins with your fear of becoming poor , continues with your anxiety of becoming rich and becomes permanent with your believe that it can not be eradicated!

Check Back tomorrow for next fact.

Solution to Fact 1.

What you fear most will always happen to you, ask Job in the Bible when you see him.

Dont be anxious for anything, give thanks to God for what you have and render your services or produce something and keep at it. Dont be desperate to get rich by all means, taking over does is never the cure to any ailment in life, it is a gradual process.

Dont ever believe you are destined to remain poor, your believes sticks with you like a stigma. Poverty can be eradicated just like polio and some other disease that have come and gone.

MMM NIGERIA gives you 30% returns, but GET HELP gives you 100% returns

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Things you were never told about Nigeria and Nigerians

You may already know that Nigeria is the
largest black nation in the world and the
most populous nation in Africa.
You may already know that Nigeria has
great dependency on crude oil, plus all the other opinions of David Cameron.
Here are 20 unpopular facts about Nigeria.
1. Are you aware that all over the world
Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves? Do you know?
2. In the US, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community. Type it into Google and you’ll see it. Not one of the most educated, the most educated.
3. 60% of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. This is far above the American national average of 30%.
4. Nigerians in US are one of the highest earners, typically earning 25% more than
the median US income of $53k.
5. In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations.
6. A Nigerian family, The Imafidon family, have officially been named the smartest family in the UK.
7. The designer of the famous car, Chevrolet Volt, Jelani Aliyu, is a super
talented Nigerian from Sokoto State.
8. The World’s fastest supercomputer was
designed by a world renowned inventor
and scientist, Philip Emeagwali, a full-
blown Nigerian whose patency was awarded in 2015. This means Nigeria has the patency to the world’s fastest computer: a Black Nigerian.
9. The wealthiest Black man and woman on earth are Nigerians, Aliko Dangote and Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija. Both have no trace of criminal record of any kind.
10. South Africa couldn’t have ended apartheid & achieved Black rule if not for the leadership role Nigeria played.
11. Of the 3 South African Presidents who
ruled after apartheid, two of them once
lived in Nigeria under asylum. Both Nelson Mandela (60s) and Thabo Mbeki (70s) lived in Nigeria before becoming President of South Africa. We gave financial support, human support, boycotted an Olympics and
our politicians, musicians and activists campaigned relentlessly.
12. Nigeria spent over $3 Billion and lost
hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in both Liberia and Sierra Leone which the world ignored because they have no oil.
13. When there was a coup in São Tomé and Príncipe in 2003, Nigeria restored the
elected President back to power.
14. Before there were street lights in European cities, ancient Benin kingdom had street lights fueled by palm oil.
15. 500 years ago, Benin casted metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous Queen Ida Mask.
16. Amina was a warrior queen who ruled Zaria Emirate in Kaduna state, Northwestern Nigeria 400 years ago in 1610. Google and see what she means to Africa.
17. We gave monetary gifts to Ireland during our oil boom and built a statue for
France free of charge. We are not poor blacks. Nigeria is rich and don’t be lied to.
18. The first television station in Africa was NTA Ibadan (1960) long before Ireland has their RTE station.
Wherever you look in this great country, Nigeria, heroes abound both now and in our recent and ancient past.
If all you do is listen to mainstream Western media, you’ll not get the full picture of your Nigerian heritage.
Do not listen to any leader who says Nigerians are criminals, no matter who he is, or his height and position.
We’re not a nation of scammers, drugs & corruption, but a people with a verifiable track record of greatness.
Here is what CNN, BBC, Aljezeera and western media will not tell you about Nigerians:
19. On the 7th May, 2016 at Howard University in Washington D.C history was
made. Out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians.
The entire world still envies our uniqueness as a NATION with living together despite our ethnic diversity. One single country with over 400 languages.
They will only tell you how Nigerians are scammers and cheats, how Nigerians are into drugs overseas et al.
If you don’t blow your trumpet, no one
will blow it for you.
20. There are over 180,000,000 Nigerians
world over and only less than 250,000 of this figure have traceable criminal records.
This is about 0.14% of our entire national population in the last 20 years: nothing close to 1%. Shame on global media.
Listen Nigeria, don't let anybody woo you
into believing that you are a criminal just because you are a Nigerian.
Nigerians are NOT criminals.
You are NOT a criminal.
You are topnotch; second to none around the world.
I am proud am created a Nigerian, thank you God.
Be proud of Nigeria wherever you go.
Take out your Passport with pride.
Be proud of our GREEN HERITAGE.
Be enthusiastic of our FUTURE GREATNESS.
Have a wonderful day.