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How to join lovecity foundation

By joining Lovecity foundation, you have signed up for unprecedented financial abundance. True prosperity is only achievable when you help and invest in peoples’ lives.
Locate an existing Lovecity member who will sponsor you (i.e. your upline) and take the person’s username which is needed during your registration.
Visit: locate the REGISTRATION menu and click on it. Select ‘Donor member’ and complete the form.
SELECT YOUR PLAN: Your plan is your entry level. Each entry level already has a predetermined amount of money to be donated. The entry levels are:

N 3,750

N 7,500

N 15,000

N 30,000

N 60,000

Select a plan based on what you can afford. Your plan and donation is not for investment purpose, but a free will donation into people’s lives. With your donation you have invested in the lives of other members who existed before you on Lovecity platform, i.e., your uplines. Your charity ‘donation’ will make your uplines rich and in turn empower them to render help to the needy and the society at large. This process is repeated with you when you start raising downlines that will empower you for success.
FULL NAME: Type correctly your full names
USERNAME: Choose for yourself a username. This is the name you will be recognized with on Lovecity platform. It will also be required to login in after successful registration.
EMAIL: If you do not have an email, then write (yourname@yahoo.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
PHONE: you cannot use the same phone number for two registrations
SPONSOR’S USERNAME: Write dynamicjoseph as the sponsors username, the username of the member sponsoring you, i.e. your upline. Fill other necessary information and submit your registration. Note that if you are submitting any information that is already in use by an existing member, you will be required to change it before your registration can be successful.
After a successful registration, you will receive a notification SMS on the phone number you used in registration. This notification message will contain your chosen USERNAME and a computer generated PASSWORD (you may also copy it from your computer if the SMS is delayed)
As a registered member, you can use those two information to login to your page at You will be able to view limited information on your page and you can receive notifications from Lovecity to render voluntary service in area where work is ongoing. You will not receive any commission at this stage unless you proceed to step two. Register now at or click on the image below.