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Glad to see you clicked to read this post. I know quite well that
title of this post drew your attention here, but the main wonder is
not the title in itself, but rather , the fact that if you search on
Google the words or phrase '' the bread seller '', Google will
immediately show to you the pictures of the Nigerian Model [Olajumoke
] who was once a bread seller and later turned to a super model.

So what is spectacular about that bread seller turned super model you
may wish to ask, very simple, as far as Google is concerned, she is
the most popular bread seller model in the world and that is what i
call dominating a Niche.

What about the true life story of singer PATORANKI who was once a
street hawker. At a music award held in 2014 . All the notable
Nigerian musicians were on ground. Dem M.I., Ice Prince, Patoranking,
Timaya, Tuface Idibia, Phyno, The Mavin, Flavour, Naeto C, Vector,
Olamide, Burn Boy, Wizkid, Davido, etc. Everybody was waiting for the
award to win for the different categories of music, suddenly, the
time came for all nominees and winners. Then it came the award for the
next rated. This next rated means the best of new artist in the
music industry.. The award goes to Patoranking.

On that day, that was the 3rd award won Patoranking. When Patoranking
collected the award and time to talk and he said and i quote; "I am
grateful to God for this award This time last year, I was selling rat
killer. I even did brick layer work. But today, see me I am rich and I
have a brand new Hyundai. Let me tell you all, Don't allow anyone tell
you you cant make it in life. The grace to make it in life is in you.
Work till the day when God will pick your call.

The main reason why I am sharing this with you is so simple,
sometimes, someone walks up to you and give you a proposal and you
turn such offer down. There is always an intrinsic and extrinsic
aspect to things that comes your way.

If Olajumoke didn't give modelling a try, she would never become a
world renowned model, If Patoranking had not given singing a chance,
he wouldn't have won those awards, If David had not giving food
delivery business to the soldiers a chance, he wouldn't have had the
opportunity to kill Goliath and later become King of Israel.

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Some people are born into fame, some walked into fame unknowingly, so
what do you want your own story line to be ? The choice is


Joseph Erinle.