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Unbelieveable!!! Police officers turned students and started receiving lectures on how to make money online on the high-way from my friend that makes over 200k monthly.

Hi friends,

I just want to share this funny story my friend encountered with the
police on his trip this weekend. I will like you to read his story
below all through with rapt attention.

He was returning from Affiliate Income Seminar hosted by one of the
topmost Online money
makers ( i mean a Boss that often generate what a banker will earn in
a year in less than 30 days) in Nigeria, Mr Toyin Omotosho.

He actually invited me there to have a 30minute interview with me in
the presence of almost a
thousand attendants so as to boost their believe in Online business
after listening to how i started from ground zero.

I was done around 2pm and immediately took my leave since i had to
drive like 2hours down to Ibadan from Ikeja.

Just as i linked the Ibadan express way and drove less than 2 minutes
beyond Berger, i saw a car right from my rear mirror drove crazily to
overtake me.

I was like, why is this person driving like a drunk man. Within a
short-while, the car was in-front of me and signaling that i should
pull over. An handcuff was pointed out by the front seat occupant to
signify that they were police.

I no dey joke with Police o. In fact, i no dey claim right with them.
In any encounter, i remain the most humble person on Earth. My life is
so precious to me. No wise man will drag issues with a Nigerian Police
man carrying AK 47.

They identified themselves politely and said they were on stop and
search mission. They were from Special Anti-robery Sqaud (SARS),

*** i was actually stopped, not arrested***

I was asked to open my Murano's booth and idid. The huge package in
the booth attracted them and i was quick to unpack it. It consist of
my imported goods that i used the opportunity of beig in Lagos to pick
from chrisvicmall (my courier company that brings in my goods from
China) early in the day.

500pieces of xxxxxx (lol, importers would expect me to mention the
name. Lai Lai) . They scanned through and they left the booth to
search within the car. I honourd them wella.

They picked on my laptop and ask i unlock it to search it too, i am
clean so, i permitted them. It took more than 20minutes for them to be
done with my laptop.

The police man saw my website files and he took interest in the
here=> http://www.xyzbusiness/setup [ not active now ]

He was like, How possible is it for someone to earn over 200K monthly.
That's a lie! It's a scam! I took my time to explain to him and even
showed him my earnings for a non-working day like Saturday and he

The rest is history. Since there isn't any incriminating stuffs, they
had to apologize for delaying me and funny enough, they still asked
for fuel money. Because of their politeness, i gave them a token and
they were thankful.

I drove off.

Moral Lesson:
Ensure that you have no skeleton in your cupboard at any point in time.

Never argue or drag issues with police men. Your promising life may be
cut short by unreasonable ones among them.

Whatever business you are into, be sure to be able to defend it at any
point in time and be able to convince layman about it.

Thank you.

P.s: If you are interested in making 50k - to over 250k monthly from
the comfort of your room, kindly send a mail to or whatsapp 07086877744