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Are you a skilled in cake baking, fashion design, beads making,
tie&die, make -up or even fashion design among other.

Do you know that you can make huge sales selling the things you do
online on stores like Konga, Jumia, Kaymu but you have to pay
commission from sales to the e-stores which cuts your profit margin.

Do you know you can own a personal Facebook page to TO BE YOUR OWN
ONLINE STORE and sell anything you do and make more sales even Kunu or
zobo and when you do this you attract both local and foreign sales.
Four reasons to have your own Facebook page are below;

1) Facebook advertises your page to your friends to like and be your
prospective customers.

2) Whoever likes your page can always see your new post along with
their friends.

3) You can always interact with your customers on your phone via
Facebook application on the go.

4) You can introduce different products to your customer base the
liked your page or even change the entire page and still have your
customer base intact.

Anyway, its true you can make more sales online, but its not magic
because selling online is a function of two important things which

1: Demand
2: Traffic

Imagine, if an herbalist can be promoting ''juju medicine '' [voodoo]
on Facebook, I seriously wonder why your biz is not online.

Do you know that having an online presence or website is tantamount to
you having a shop that is open 24hrs a day and 365days a year?

I remember a friend of mine who works as a researcher in school
premises and one day , school went on strike for three month and he
could not feed his family as there was no one in school for him to do
data analysis for and he came to me and asked how am i coping in my
biz and I said , I created a biz empire without walls.

Going online is having a shop without walls and you can receive
visitors from all over the world. He requested to have a website and I
created for him and gave him some clues on how to use it and that's how
he started receiving clients from all over Nigeria and some other
countries like me.

Maybe you also don't know that when you have a functioning website, it
reduces number of staff you employ to work for you, but I am not
encouraging you to add to the unemployment situation in Nigeria

After telling you all these stories, what exactly are you going to
receive from me via this special service am offering you may want to
ask me. Please expect the following below;

1) Creation of a single (1) Facebook page for your business if you
don't have one.
2) Full admin control of Facebook page as manager
3) Minimum of 1000 Facebook likes within 3 months
4) 3 months daily advert directly on your Facebook page. [ Minimum of
10 post per day ]
5) I will assist to integrate your website [if you have one already]
on your Facebook page.


1) I am a professional blogger and SEO expert with 15years experience
2) I am that young chap that built over 100 blogs with several post
within 30days.
3) I personally have over 25 Facebook pages I manage for people and myself.
4) I am that young chap that can not do without buying data when
buying my food stuffs being funny. However, at
least I manage close to 15gig of data monthly due to the volume of
work i receive from my clients like you.


If you want more than 1 face book page, i would do subsequent pages
for you for half of the normal price and still giving you the-same
services and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I would create a Facebook
account specially for the service and also create the pages for you if
you do not want to use your current personal Facebook page.


To order for this service, kindly send a message or whatsapp
07086877744 or mail

Things can only get better for you...
You will succeed...
Joseph Erinle