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I was just browsing the internet and on Facebook I found an amazing documentary about favorite sex position by some Nigerians who are bold enough to say their mind on the issue. The reporter did a good job by handling the issue as a professional humorist and that really went a long way to brake the ice and to suck-out information from many respondents.

Its suffice to say here that sex is an essential part of the human race and every organism for both procreation and sexual or emotional satisfaction. Many marriages have crashed due to poor sexual intimacy or sexual satisfaction from partners.

What is SEX, I am quite sure know you may want to read an OXFORD dictionary definition to what sex is all about, but I am not giving you all that stuff, but to be real with you, sex is what your dad and mum did together to make you come to this world or what a man and a woman did together to produce a child.I recently stumbled on a documentary about the favorite sex position by some men and women in Nigeria.

This documentary was carried out by pulse T.V , you can check them out at or subscribe to watch their videos on . I was very impressed to see how intelligent and bold Nigerians could tackle the question. So let me put it to you, what is your own favorite sex position. Just a piece of advice for married couples having poor sexual intimacy with their spouse.

Before you head to court for divorce over poor sexual lifestyle or poor libido of your partner, it is best you sit your partner down and talk this issue out amicably about the position you like and why you think its best for you.

There is nothing absolutely wrong for couples to take turn to try out each partners sexual position of choice for you to satisfy each other maximally instead of allowing a third part to fill-in-the gap which is adultery and subsequently break your partners heart and break your marriage.

If your husband dislike your silence and like to hear you moan , then give him the craziest moan he will never recover from all the days of his life and would not attempt to find a lady to replace you if do it for him , instead of him going out there to pay a prostitute to moan for him. If your wife like to be in charge of you during sex, allow her to be in charge for some time . If your husband prefers you to be more flexible instead of lying down like a log of wood and not playing any other active role. Some ladies complain of their husband been over active, while some men complain of the-same too of their wives. Whearse, we also have Men complaining of their woman not being sexually active at all and while some ladies also complain the-same too.

I remember the case of a Pastor who got married to an evangelist lady and complained bitterly that his wife wants sex almost all the time. The BIG question now is this, is the evangelist to be blamed after keeping herself all these years a virgin for the right man and now that you the man who has been looking for a virgin sister dis-flowered her and she now so much enjoys sex with you, why deny her or complain about her urge as if its a sin or something not scriptural .

This is a very sensitive topic many couples do not talk about and also feel shy to know what their partners perception may be if they should request for a strange sexual request....however, not demonic anyway. I strongly advise you to watch the video RIGHT HERE or click the image below to know what some bold Nigerians had to say about their favorite sexual position and why they choose it.

Article By
Joseph Erinle.