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My name is Joseph, and I would like to reveal to you, a top secrete
you can use in the comfort of your home to Pulls in Over N500,000 to
N750,000 Per Month Income By Importing Special Items and Partnering
with Ecommerce Stores Like Konga, Jumia, Kaymu, e.t.c & Courier

But first, let me tell you what this is not...

This is NOT about importing kid wears, shoes, phones, fashion stuff
or one fancy fake wristwatches that you will hardly find buyers for
It's definitely not about importing some "bullshit items" that will
hardly sell at a good price and just gather dust everyday!
With that said, inside this brand new importation business course, I
decided to reveal how you will be able to sell even more of your
imported items, by partnering with ecommerce stores and courier
companies and also using my advanced selling strategies.
Here's just a small fraction of what you will get inside the report:
How to get started with this new importation business and sell over
150 pieces of your imported items within 30 days or less... starting
with just startup capital of around N10,000
The secret message template I use to get massive discount on items
when buying from import portals... using this bargain strategy I get
merchants and supplier to give me up to 50% discount when buying from

The exact 3 products that I import which are selling VERY HOT like
"friedf rice" right now. Import these items and sell like CRAZY both
on ecommerce stores and using my advanced high-converting selling
How to get your items listed on top ecommerce stores like Konga,
kaymu, Jumia, dealdey etc. (You will also discover how to get your
stores promoted, ranked high and generate at least 7 - 10 orders per
The direct link to the suppliers on the import portal where you will
get these hot selling items for $2 - $4
3 shipping agents that help you bring the items you import into
Nigeria at the fastest rate (within 2 - 7 days) and low shipping fees
per KG on your goods.

7 Secret "importation Hacks" guaranteed to almost immediately
increase your profit from the importation business! (These are brand
new... and I've never shared them anywhere else.)
Why now is the best time to get into importation business even with
the dollar rate. Right now, you have the biggest opportunity to earn
big money from importation once you are armed with the strategies
inside the Advanced Importation Business course.

(plus I will reveal how and where to get the cheapest dollar rate for
your transactions instead of the throat-cutting prices offered by most
Nigerian banks)
About 20 products that are selling like crazy right now on most
ecommerce platforms that gives you profit of 200 - 300 percent Return
on investment
4 courier companies that helps you deliver your items to the buyers
at a very affordable rate and also offer 'payment on delivery option'
which boost your sales.
Inside the Advanced Importation business guide, I give you access to
their website, contact details, and office address.

REAVELED! The exact method I used to sell over 1 million naira worth
of products on DealDey alone (plus my advanced method of selling
imported items that beats your competitors hands-down and brings in
Incredible ROI)