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Hi Friends,

I really appreciate those that sent me several mails about the above
subject matter and those that have already purchased the e-book.
However, I do not expect to get some questions asked , but JUST TO
CLEAR THE MIST OR DUST FROM THE AIR, I will like to treat the most
frequently asked question which is how much do I make.

However, before i treat the most FAQ, take for instance, after Jesus
resurrected, Thomas asked to see the hole in Jesus's hand before he
can believe HE WAS CRUCIFIED, for real, Jesus marveled about his
unbelieve and many people today are even more amazing in their
unbelieve to the extent that even Thomas would shake his head if he
was to be alive because nowadays, some people will ask Jesus to
provide both the nails, the hammer, and even bring the cross he was
nailed to and resurrect all the soldiers that lashed him or nailed him
to the cross before they can believe. Some people might even ask Jesus
to take a selfie on the cross he was nailed for them to believe. This
may sound funny, but you really need to see screen shots of mails i

Practically speaking, no one can force anyone to plant the seeds in
his or her hand. If you buy the e-book, and refuse to read or take
action, you cant expect your bank account to swell with cash. If you
also have the cash and refuse to buy the e-book, I cant force you to
take action , i can only advice you do.

Now, straight to the FAQ asked.


1 Answer)
If you get an order to supply 10KG of cocoa powder, thats roughly 25k
or $100 or thereabout in cost i.e for you to buy. You can supply this
10kg and make 300k which is $200 profit on just one supply. You can
have more than 5 or 10 orders. You can do the maths yourself. The only
problem you may encounter is if you are asked to supply 1 tonne i.e
1000kg, now , you can see that some problems or troubles are good for
you. When you get to that bridge, you will know how to cross it, but
for now, start small. The cost of the e-book is


Currently, I am offering the e-book for just #10,000 I also have a 3
month money back guarantee if after three months you try this and it
does not work out well for you after following all the instructions
and with evidences of your efforts, you get your money back after
three months without any success. I am more interested in your success
and not selling the e-book.

If you prefer a one-on-one training for 4 hours only for just one
Saturday only, it goes for #30,000.


I am willing to help the first 10 lucky people to get this e-book
between now and 29th of April for just 5,550 while price returns back
to #10,000 from 2nd of May. Thats the best I can do to help.

Kindly send a message with subject bank details for mini-cocoa export
biz to or whatsapp 07086877744.

You will succeed....

It can only get better for you...

Joseph Erinle.