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Shark kills groom taking selfie underwater.

Sometimes, somethings just happen and we begin to wonder how it happened, when, why, and so on
honeymoon which is expected to be celebration of the blissful union. This exactly is the story of James Crowlett, aged 34, who went on his honeymoon. He just felt like taking a selfie under water in the sea, not swimming pool, therefore dashed for a quick dip, to take a selfie underwater and show off to his friends. His mission was accomplished, but he never lived to tell the story himself of his ordeal as the photo itself said it all. The photo was uploaded to his Facebook page automatically by his phone, and unfortunately that shark was real and attacked him just seconds after taking the selfie underwater. As you can see in the photo the shark is ready to strike, and it did just a moment later. It tore of Crowlett’s leg off before lifeguards around the beach  managed to get to him. He died on the way to the hospital after losing massive quantities of blood from the sharks gruesome and powerful bite. May his soul rest in peace.
and so forth. Its a very sad news for a new bride to see his husband got eaten up by a shark during their