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Tomatoe glut in Nigeria

Have you been to the market recently to price tomatoes or other related vegetables? Have you seen the quantity been sold at the market these days. It is no doubt that Nigeria is currently experiencing Tomato glut as tomatoes are just about everywhere and sellers are practically begging buyers to buy from them as the veggie' is a perishable good. 
Tomatoes and many other vegetables and fruits gets destroyed season by season and year in year out. Up till this present moment, there has not been any board set up to mop up the excesses in the market and reduce the rate at which these perishable fruits get spoilt . There are many ways through which these vegetables can be preserved. We can adopt the canning technology or drying method  to preserve.

But by far and large, the government still has a lot of role to play when it comes to preservation of agricultural produce. Another major setback in the agricultural product is the prices of these goods. Many at times, when the goods or vegetables and fruits get in excesses at their season, their prices fall drastically. A case study is the sale of tomatoes currently and the quantity that is been sold. What we have currently now is twice cheaper and fresher than what we observed been sold during the dry season. The point here is simple, farmers are running at a loss and subsequently, the sellers because there is a limit to which an individual can consume or based on the consumption per family head.

There is urgent need for the government to put modernized methods of preserving perishable goods into practice if the country is to make the most out of the agricultural sector. We should also not forget that the agricultural sector was the main stay of the Nigerian economy in the early 60’s before the discovery of oil and up till now, the sector is still begging for help to be revamped and the government has been trying, but major focus still remains on oil.
As the price of crude oil continues to dwindle and many more countries are now discovering oil and modern sources of alternative energy supply, our government should endeavor that all hands is put on deck to revamp the agricultural sector, manufacturing sector, energy sector, and reduction in importation not just to make us have alternative sources of income apart from oil, but to be more efficient in utilizing our natural resources and avoid continuous waste and poverty.

Article by:
Joseph Erinle.