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Personal Assistant falls down in shock over a car gift from Boss.

Wonders they say shall never end and it pays to be a good servant . What will you do if you get to work on a faithful morning and your Boss gives you a brand new car?

Anyway, a lady just got that as a gift and what was expected to be celebration of joy nearly ended up in tragedy after a lady named Gbeminiyi who is expected to turn 31 years old today 14th of Feb 2016 received a surprise birthday gift of a brand new Toyota car from her boss.
The personal assistant has been serving her Mistress Iyabo Ojo, a popular actress when the actress decided to reward her for her faithful deeds.

On hearing that the car was hers as a birthday gift,
the lady fell down in shock and was quickly assisted by eye witness to recover from the shock of the unbelievable gift she has received from her Boss. 

The Boss [ Iyabo Ojo ] later shared screenshots on her Instagram page about the unbelievable reaction from her personal Assistant. It really pays to be a good servant. Here are some screen shots from the funny scenario...