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Kayne West calls for prayer to pay his $53 Million debt

Famous actor and singer Kayne West twitted recently that he has a debt of up to $53 million to pay. He is calling on friends and well wishers to pray for him to overcome his debt . Kayne is belived to be very rich and the speculation going round now is that he may be saying this to gain another public attention.

It is a known fact that most famous celebrities always come up with interesting story line to catch the audience of their fans. However, having a debt of up to #53Million is not the problem, what the money was actually used for is what he never mentioned.

Recently, Kanye has been in deep thoughts and his tweets really prove that he is going through some tough times but who can help him in such difficult state while his wife tweets does not correlate with his in any form. We will keep you inform with the latest updates from Kanye .