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Identical Twins got denied of Drivers Licence in Georgia

There is a funny case at the Department of Motor Vehicles as some identical twins got denied of drivers licence due to the close resemblance. The Department of Motor Vehicle [ DMV ] head had to deny the twins of drivers licence when each of the girls could not be differentiated from each other. According to the girls, the both applied for drivers licence and submitted their papers for approval. 

The girls whose names are Alicia and Alicen were shocked when the head of DMV told them their request was rejected due to their close resemblance.
The head of the DMV further stated that the computer kept saying error and was wondering what could be wrong with the computer unit as the computer has been designed such that it can recognize faces and it would not grant two licences to an individual. After many attempts , the head of DMV discovered that even the computer was confused as regards the girls resemblance and kept giving error stating that the second licence could not be produce as it has already been done.

The girls were asked to take more photographs and also sign several times, but each time it gets to face verification, an error got occurred. Initially, the head of DMV thought the computer was probably faulty and he tried to do someone else licence with it and without any hitch, the computer produced the licence, but when he tied again for the twins , it gave error, duplicate detected. The Georgian head of department for drivers licence said they have never experienced such before, that although, there is a check-box applicants were asked to fill if they were twin or not, but with the case scenario of Alice and Alicen, the department has taken it as a responsibility upon themselves to further look for alternative measures to handle such case in the future.