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Ben Murray-Bruce Blast a twitter-Talks tough

The social media these days can really make people say dandiest thing which they call speeches. Recently, on twitter , Ben Murray made some comments on why Nigerian needed to have young ministers. This is supposedly a reaction to the ministerial list by the president. It is no more breaking news that Nigerian Ministers and governors are far advance in age than several decades ago.  Ben Murray is so expectant to see a brand new Nigeria having more youths into the government system when a twitter gave the following comments below and Ben gave a reply. 

Twitter updates or the social media updates in general is a good way to express oneself ,
but with courtesy are good to really show you how people can react to conversations and from the above conversations, both twitter members are actually making a point, but some times, some issues just need to be looked at from a different angle. We really need good leaders, irrespective of the age and also , the youths should not be under-estimated in decision making because the former Nigeria of years ago with a better economy had most of the ministers and governors as youths bet since the aged ones have continued to be in control, the economy has continued to be what each Nigerian says it is.