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APC - THE BROOM PARTY may be in trouble

The broom revolution party in Nigeria, popularly referred to as APC might be in big trouble with these five facts. Recently, the party has been having hiccups in some areas which if not quickly attended to or addressed, could escalate beyond what the party can handle.

The ruling party, All Progressive Congress [ APC ] could be having difficult times than they have ever had before in history as the party has held on to power for about 12 months now after being the first opposition party in Nigeria to defeat the ruling party. However, all seem not to be well as the party has been facing serious call for the changes they promised the masses when campaigning for various political post across the federation. Not only is the fact that many Nigerians want to see an impromptu change , but also, some internal heat is really causing the party distress.

APC seem to be having a whole lot of challenges these days and the most common or prominent ones are ;

1. Urgent implementation of promised change by the party. The masses are yet to see a significant change ever since the party has been in power for almost 1 year now. Although, its not really a breaking news that the masses is calling for change, the populace would always do that in any country anywhere. However, Nigerian case seem to be different as everything seem to be static and occasionally, sudden news pops up about recent activities from the federal government.

2. Shortage of Cash for the party. The party seem to be lacking finance and it really points that to the fact that the party is indeed fighting corruption by setting examples. The party is not in anyway producing any commodity or good that could be sold to civilians to make money and if any party is actually having excess cash to be spent, such party needs to be probed about their sources of income. Right now, APC is really having financial challenges but the party somehow seem to be keeping their heads-up.

3. Internal Rift : The ruling party seem to be having internal heat among its members and chiefs. Now the reason for such predicament could be as a result of many unmet expectations such as a rumor of Atiku expected to become the party chairman , while Bola Ahmed Tinubu still remained a formidable personalty in the camp in the midst of other notables such as Saraki and Dogara. As president Buhari is still trying to keep up with the big challenges of the office. Right now, the party also seem to be trying to keep up with personal interest issues and the scenarios looks like a jungle where everyone seem to be fighting for himself to survive.