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Adele performed woefully at 58th Grammy Award.

The famous singer Adele sang at the 58th Grammy awards and her performance was nothing to write home . The singer who was one of the most anticipated performer had her performance mauled by technical and audio issues from the mic and piano.

The big throated  English singer who has been selected to perform her ballad was noticed to be flat when her song became so flat and also mixed with clanging sound at her background and her microphone seizing during her performance. Some moment into the song, it could be noticed that the singer looked not just surprised herself but also distracted as she continued to sing . 

Many fans who had expected a killer performance from her were disappointed and could also not understand why such things could have happened . After the whole event, the singer was interviewed on her performance and she also confessed she was surprised but somehow, noticed some moment into the song that the microphone attached to the piano fell into the strings and made some disturbing noises. 

Mr Neil  Portnow who was the head of recording gave detailed explanation to the reporters on Adele poor performance. The technicians also tried to fix the audio issues and sound problem, but it was very late into the performance. Many of Adele's fan on twitter came to support her owing to the fact Adele is known to be a flawless singer dating back to history and it has never been on record that Adele had ever sang badly.