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Funny things you dont know about me...

Hello friends,

I am glad to have you on my blog and I hope you have enjoyed some of my post. There are many things you probably don't know about me and here are just a few;

1). I am a genius! I know its funny for me to call myself a genius, but if I don't, who will...will you?

2). I am a Cyberian. I am just like a librarian but based in the internet doing my things. I am studying 4 masters degree at once and after that, i aim for 4 PhD's at once.

3). I am a professional blogger and I have created over 100 blogs and web pages.
4) I am a research addict. I love research even if I wont be paid for it.

5). I am a business tycoon...

6) I would become a BILLIONAIRE by age 40.

7) I have been here on this earth before and am back again and when I leave, I will still come back and I will still remember that I was here before because I am a god. For it is appointed for a man to live once and after, judgement....a god does not live once..So believe me,  Jesus is coming back.

8) I love playing chess and I love marathon walk or race. I am now learning how to swim and I am loving it.

9). I believe in GOD, I show lots of love, I fear no man, and I don't believe in impossibility.

10). I love my fans, visitors to my site, salad and every delicious food are my best food.

 Thank you for reading, I would like to know funny things about you too. You can comment below.