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Voting started on 28th , March 2015. Accreditation was delayed in some areas and voting commenced proper around 5pm in most places around the country while in some other parts, counting was already been done. Many people couldn't vote due to the time and the vote was extended to today Sunday 29th March 2015. The vote has been peaceful in most part of the country except for few locations where sporadic gunshots and clash was recorded. These places included Rivers state where some APC members were reported fear dead. During the late hours of 31st March 2015, as the counting of votes continued, reports had it that President Goodluck Jonathan called General Buhari to congratulate him as it was crystal clear that he had won the majority even before the counting of vote ended and thats what I call fair play and fair play is also important in politics. This is not just fair play alone, but also a land mark achievement of president Goodluck Jonathan and even if Jonathan never did anything at all in his administration, to have conducted a free and fair election and also congratulate his opponent is a land mark achievement indeed and it would go into Nigerian history forever. Bravo Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Congratulations to Sai Buhari Baba!!!