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Love city is a charity organization here to equip our youths , full house wife, market women with skill acquisition programmes and also to get more facilitators to train in both listed and upcoming skills.  The vocational skills are:

  1. Kampala tie & die
  2. T-Shirt customization
  3. Decoration
  4. Paint Making
  5. Videography
  6. Gele tying
  7. Shoe Making
  8. Computer  Repair
  9. Professional Dancing
  10. Music
  11. Hair Dressing
  12. Cake Making
  13. Photography
  14. Make-up
  15. Beads making
  16. Desktop Publishing
  17. Bridal fan Making
  18. Barbing
  19. Tiles Flooring
  20. Hat Making
  21. Bag Making
  22. Cassava flour and chips production
  23. Production of cold water starch
  24. Exercise book production
  25. Pure water manufacturing business
  26. Yoghurt production
  27. vegetable production and export
  28. Plantain flour production
  29. Insecticide manufacturing
  30. Soap and detergent manufacturing
  31. Foam production
  32. Caustic soda production
  33. catfish farming and fry production
  34. Piggery farming and management
  35. Poultry production and packaging
  36. Business proposal writing
  37. Developing savings habit
  38. Developing Marketing skills 
  39. Leadership training
  40. Mining
  41. Oil and Gas training .....and lots more
Love city is also helping the following people;
  1. Handicaps
  2. Widows
If you are intrested in being a facilitator [ Trainer ] of the above mentioned skills or other related skills which are not listed here, you can register also and get employed as a facilitator and get paid. All training are 100% free for all and there is no limit to the skills you can apply to be trained. Outstanding member shall receive financial and material support to begin their business or practice the vocational training they have been trained on.

To register as a trainee or as a trainer, please click on the register now button. Please ensure you type dynamicjoseph under the sponsors name. After registration, please copy your username and password and login. If you need assistance, please contact me on whatsaap [ +2347086877744 ]. Good Luck!
Please , text your username alone to me immediately after you register for a free bonus I will give to you personally just to motivate you not to miss this golden opportunity of a lifetime. I will give you maximum support all the way. Register now and register your family members and friends under you, I can assure you that you will thank me for this advice later. Please sms username to [07086877744] You wont believe the bonus you would receive from me.