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I read a post online where CAN president and other bishops and pastors were praying for president Goodluck Jonathan to win 2015 election and the blogger asked if God answered their prayer or not.
Offcourse, HELL NO!

God did not answer the prayer as the election result indicated so. However, this does not mean that God does not answer prayer of the righteous, but GOD does not answer prayers of imposition.
You and me as a mortal being can not impose something on GOD. How dare we do such a thing! Spiritually, its barbaric and canal because GOD said His ways are not our ways. Even if Pope had prayed a prayer of Imposition to God that Jonathan should win, he will still fail!

The worst aspect of it all is that people are now looking at Osibanjor as the true savior of Nigeria and expecting Buhari to slump at any moment so that Osibanjo can take over like the fate of Jonathan and his predecessor, how truly deep is the heart of man.

Let me remind us is written and the scriptures can not be broken...""WOE be to any man that puts his trust in the hand of flesh"". We must continually respect the GOD factor in our lives and decision.

This warning also goes to youths hoping that Buhari will crub unemployment and Underemployment that is worse than the Ebola virus in our nation as many intellect and man power are being destroyed daily in the presence of our leaders....

The dichotomy between gainful employment and being wealthy is as BIG as the space celestial and the heart of man can not comprehend it at all. God wants us to be wealthy and we seek to be gainfully employed and pause there, I dont seem to understand where this ideology emanated from, can we say its the bye-product of acute poverty or hopelessness?

Before I lay my pen to rest for now, my dear readers, there is a popular adage my father used to tell me and I wish to share and it says..."" money shows the day as man shows manhood"".
Buhari and Osibanjor are now elected, the heroes of our time, the change we all seek and hoped for has been delivered to us but if we put all our trust in them and do not change our mindset, mentality, orientation, negative believes and continuous dormancy of our intellect, its just like using a nylon to carry a heap of hot coal. The coal will burn through the nylon and fall off. Are we then suppose to blame the nylon or ourselves for not extinguishing the hot coal?

The real change we seek is not BUHARI and OS***banjo but it begins with us, between husband and wife , among us as family, in our streets and  community, local government, state and the federation as a whole.

The change Nigeria needs begins with YOU & I and our trust in GOD for the progress and posterity of our nation and a bright future for the generations unborn!

Composed by:
Joseph Oluwadamilare Erinle.