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15 Reasons ladies and pregnant women should quit smoking

Smoking is a world wide habit or activities which many derive pleasure
from and many have become addicted to, but today , let us consider the
15 dangers of smoking to Ladies and pregnant women. These are and not
limited to the following;

1). Smoking reduces oxygen level in your blood. This is dangerous for
you and more dangerous if you are pregnant because your baby needs
good oxygen and gets oxygen from the oxygen you inhale.

2). Ladies of pregnant mothers that smoke are likely to have more
complications during pregnancy including early detachment of the
placenta. The more you smoke, the more the placenta weakens.

3). It increases higher risk of miscarriage in pregnant moms.

4). There is a link between smoking and ectopic pregnancy. This a
situation where an egg is fertilized outside the womb.

5). It increases the risk of an abnormal child or birth defects.

6). Reduces the size and weight of your baby and also increases risk
of death and disease

7). It can result to still born or making the baby difficult to adapt
to environmental change when born and causing the baby to die within 1
week after birth or even develop respiratory challenges.

8). It triples the risk of cot death

9). It makes your baby suffer from effect of passive smoking while you
suffer from the effect of active smoking.

10). It can affect breast milk supply or production

11). Smoking reduces your life span by 10 years.

12). When you smoke in an enclosed place e.g inside a sealed car,
toilet, e.t.c you suffer from the effects of active smoking and
passive smoking doubling the rate of risk you likely encounter.

13). When you smoke, you become a silent murderer as you endanger the
life of a non-smokers around you. Your husband, son, daughter, family
as they suffer the effect of passive smoking inhaling what you
exhaled. No one is to be punished for what you derive pleasure from or
that you are addicted to.

14). Smoking is committing suicide in silence and in a long range. You
may not have the gut to commit suicide or even condemn others doing
such, but you are also doing it in silence and in a long range. You
die gradually as you smoke until your organs begin to pack-up one
after the other before you realize it. Its like taking a bottle of
poison gradually for several years. It will just have a minor effect
because you did not take high does, but its having an effect anyway no
matter how minor it is at the moment.

15) .Smoking can cause fertility problems for you or cause menstrual
abnormalities, premature menopause or early menopause and you don't
want that .

You can stop now, its not too late and even if it is actually late,
stopping is still a wise decision. You can share this post to help the
over 1.5million teenage girls that are addicted to smoking and save
their future.