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Loneliness is a silent killer which causes destruction per second. You
can become lonely from diverse factors including loss of a loved one,
investment, destruction of properties, failure, broken relationship,
feeling of not being wanted and of course, personal decision not to
mingle with others.

All these and many more can cause loneliness , however, no matter how
lonely you may be, you can get out of it. Loneliness is like a cage we
walk into ourselves and then padlock ourselves inside the cage and
then feel so hopeless thinking that the padlock can not be opened

This is one of the major reason why many people commit suicide which
ought not to be so. Its natural to feel lonely sometimes, but it is
not natural to remain lonely for the rest of your life. Loneliness is
worst that lifetime imprisonment sentence and its high time you know
how to get out of it because its all in your head. Below are few tips
how to get out of loneliness;

1) . Believe you are lonely because you choose to, its not imposed on
you , you actually choose it either knowingly or unknowingly.

2). Remember you are more important than the situation that made you lonely.

3). Remember your are the judge that sentenced yourself to lifetime in
loneliness, not the situation that crossed your path.

4) . Remember you are the only judge that can set yourself free and
exonerate you from a crime you did not commit and you are being
punished for. I understand you might have caused the situation that
caused you so much regret and made you lonely. However, loneliness is
a capital punishment that is too heavy for the situation you think you
caused or that came your way.

5) . You are being unjust to yourself. Injustice in the judicial
system is a big blow to humanity so also is injustice to yourself. You
can not sentence a man to death or to life imprisonment for not
parking properly at the garage or for not been able to move his car
with a flat tire off the road. So also it is to loneliness, it is a
capital punishment for an offence that's not worth it.

6). Loneliness is from the devil because his destination is suicide or
to break your spirit and soul and if this is achieved, your body
system or immune system will deteriorate at an alarming rate. You can
even resort to taking drugs or go insane.

7) . God hates loneliness and that's why he made Eve for Adam when he
created the world and God still detest loneliness up till now and to
the end of the world. Do you think its really easy for GOD to live up
there in HEAVEN without any company, hell no. That's why God has
legions of angels, spirit of just men, 24 elders, Jesus, and other
creatures you will discover when you get there which have never been
mentioned here on earth.

8). Make a list of things you like doing and do them one after the
other. Things such as games, relaxation center you love, take a trip
to a new place you have never been, listen to your favorite music
collection or better still a new play list or you shuffle all your
play list, change your old clothes to new ones, e.t.c

9) . Never stay alone in a place and if you are still lonely within a
set of people or person you live with or hang around with, you need a
new set of friends.

10). Pay to God to help you out of your predicament for by strength
shall no man prevail.

I hope these tips helped you and if after doing all these you still
don't fell at ease, you can read my other post or give me a call to
hang out with you. You can call me on +2348038941002

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