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10 amazing facts about Lip gloss...No.2

2. Men stare at women with lipgloss longer than women without lipgloss. There basically three places a man will always stare on a woman's body which are just natural for men, these areas are;
a. The burst region [chest]
b. The Face
c. The Hair

A man will always gaze at any of these three places at any point in time when you communicate with them one on one because men are attracted more to what they see. Only the shy men would look away in another direction when they talk to you, but the bold and confident ones would look at these three places randomly regardless if they know you already know what they are looking at. If you are a lady and you do not like men staring more at your burst or chest region, then you need to have better hair style and always remember to put your lipgloss on to divert their attention to your face.