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All men are not thesame and I  speak for myself. One thing I have learnt about women is that they are always sure and confident of their no (  negative affirmation ) than yes.
If a lady says NO...its 99% guaranteed she meant it and 99% that she may not change it, but if a lady says yes with all smiles, tears and shaking of hands , with unstable feet...when you propose to her its 45% that she meant it and 200% certain that she is still unsure of her yes...and also doubtful if she has made the right choice and may change it.
I have seen ladies date for 6 , 10 years courtship and only to change her mind because her prophet said the man is not her husband. I have heard also of a woman leaving her husband her legally married husband with kids because her mother in law is not good to her. When some men sense that his woman can change easily...they flirt or just keep her for domestic use while searching for the special one that would stay no matter what happens .....even if they do good or bad, they can still bank on her. 
Some men would even flirt deliberately and do all manner of crazy things in courtship to test their lady confidence , boldness and loyalty which is not good. Men want a stable wife regardless if they are stable or not in all ramification....those are the ones they marry and they flirt with the unstable ones!
Women or ladies like counting days and years of relationship and proud themselves in it...e.g we have been dating for 5years now and will soon settle down...but men count IMPACT of relationship. A 5years relationship to a lady can just be like 5weeks to a guy.