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I am not a professional blog or website designer but when i design a web or blog, website and I.T professionals goes like.....
Who is this JOE?
How come?
How manage?
I don't understand?
Who is he?
Which computer or I.T school did he attend?
Who taught him the tricks?
How is he doing it?
Which I.T center is he affiliated to?
Is he a qualified java expert?
How come he is able to do these?
His he CISQO certified?
Did he train in APTECH OR NIIT?
Did he study computer in University?
To all their numerous questions I say
God said HIS HOLY SPIRIT will teach us all things. The first computer programmer never attended a computer school....'iyen tun ko?'
I rarely type these days, I talk to my laptop and it types for me.
I control my laptop with voice...though not a new technology...but if I cough, my laptop will ask what is that and I will answer cough and he will ask me if he should write it or not.
That was then 'sha' because these days even if i cough or sneeze my laptop understands its just a cough and would ignore.
I remember when my former laptop was gone and things looks so rough and tough, my mother said to me that Joseph, all you need is just 1 laptop and if you can setup a biz that made you employ others and pay them monthly salary without start up capital or loan, you can do it again and again and be a blessing to people.
I am not blowing my self trumpet but all I am saying is that Professionals built Titanic and it killed hundreds but Amateur built the ark and it saved the world from going extinct.
Believe in yourself, depend on no one and that talent of yours you despise or call little because you are not yet professional or rich may save the world from something if you start using it now little by little.
I am unique!
I am a rare gem!
I am a genius!
I am so special!
I am not common!
I am one in a life time!
I am endangered specie!
I am the last of my kind!
I AM Erinle Oluwadamilare Joseph