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If there is anything I cherish so much about GOOGLE, its nothing else than their innovation. These guys called google are great thinkers and  with this height of great thinking, they will continue to be relevant in the world.
Google is bringing adverts to another new realm and dimension. Google is coming us with adverts that would show on your T.V and this adverts would appear based on the popular stations you watch or based on what you watch most on your television set. This has got nothing to do with videos you watch via your video or dvd player, but programmes you watch on your favorite T.V stations.
This is good news to advertisers, good news to T.V viewers and good news to those who will be looking for ways to earn additional source of income from google T.V ads.
One major thought that crossed my mind is the manner or rate the adverts would interrupt viewers at home. I just thought about advert on youtube and the option to skip advert if viewer is not interested, but how can viewers skip unwanted T.V adverts which i see as TECHNOLOGICAL IMPOSED ADVERTS!
Bravo Google!