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From the desk of the C.E.O

Hi people,

I want to specially welcome you to my personal blog. I am happy to have you here and I hope you will find many interesting things about the site. Let me quickly give you hints on what my site is all about, though, the site description says it all.

This site is basically built to act as my collector. What do I mean by my collector you may wan to ask. Everyday, I have lots of ideas flowing through my mind and sometimes, I find it difficult to rest or relax if these ideas are not executed. I am not saying I am a genius, I leave that to you my precious readers to decide.

Everything you see on this site regarding to pages, post, images, videos, interviews, Facebook pages, social media links, books, games and competition, and whatever you can see at any point in time are ideas that flowed through my mind and information I consider worthy to share with my fans and which I have created this blog to handle or accommodate all.

Personally, I call this blog my ''Joe Blog of Ideas'', and when you hang out with me real life or visit this site, you are still hanging out with me anyway and the resultant effect of that hang out is to reveal the extent and deepness of the human mind, my own mind to be precise and the wealth of ideas that flows through my mind per second, per minute, per day , per year and so on.

I welcome suggestions for special post, post edit, corporate social responsibilities, invitation, interviews, public speaking, seminars, special contracts, voluntary service and lots more that you may wish to introduce to me and I would try to make myself available for dialogue depending on my schedule of activities. I appreciate your visit once again and please enjoy your surfing on my blog.

Author and C.E.O,
Joseph Oluwadamilare Erinle
[ #hangoutwithjoe]