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There are some common things we do at the work place that can put us into serious troubles which we are either ignorant about or just over look. I am going to expose to you in few seconds, some of these things and the right thing you ought to do.

1). Email communication [ CC, BCC]:
Sometimes, we may want to to communicate with our down-line and we feel its just okay to copy our superior in such mail. This is absolutely wrong. You are expected to copy your superior after seeking his consent about it officially. You just don't copy anyone or everyone in all mail like that. Secondly, blind copy is very sensitive than carbon copy. You only use blind copy in the organization if you are
carrying out an investigation which you do not want some individuals
to know about. You should note that cabon copy depicts openness and
blind copy depicts secrecy, so if its not a secret , why use blind

Sometimes, there may be an information we need to inform our boss
about, instead of sending mail, simply walk into his or her office and
have a one on one chat if he or she is close to you. You don't send
mails for everything.

Never argue via mail. Some people are strong with words in mails than
words spoken from their mouth. So if you try to argue via mail and you
are a person with strong words , you will just complicate issues for
yourself which you never really meant to as you may be saying things
the right way straight from your mind, and your words are saying the
exact opposite of what you literally mean.

I will shed more light on this in subsequent post, but till then, try
to use this information as a guide.