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Selfies are become more rampant or popular as each day passes by. Some may consider selfies to be childish attitude or mere youthful exuberance, but there is a whole lot of reasons why you must take selfies too.
1). It is fun or a way of having fun.
2). Its a sign of self confidence and appreciating oneself.
3). It draws attention to you if you are nobody and more attention if you are somebody or a public figure.
4). It  helps in knowing what mood you are in.
5). It helps others to appraise you and your beauty or environment.
6). Its makes you develop photography instinct.
7). Its a form of secret or coded communication.
8). Its a form of revealing whats happening at your back or environment when you are totally unaware.
9). Its highly useful for police report or investigation and a form of safety for you.
10). Its a secret source of income you never know.
You had better start taking those selfies now as its advantages are even more than you could ever think off.