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10 amazing facts about Lip gloss...No.1

Over the years, lip gloss has continued to beautify ladies world over
and its amazing ''beauty add'' has come to stay in the ladies world.
However, this amazing beauty gloss has some amazing facts which many
ladies never know about. Below are some interesting and amazing facts
about lip gloss;

1. Lip gloss was invented by a man.

Yes and that is absolutely true. Lip gloss was the invention of a man
which has become a add-on to ladies beauty pack for several decades.
In 1930, Max Factor invented lip gloss for ladies and as at then it was called ''X-RATED''. His contortion was actually used as make up for ladies in film production but some how, the concoction found its way into the fashion world and into ladies closet, purse and hang bags all over the world.Max-Factor also coined the word ''make-up'' because he was a professional in making a ladies face beautiful for filming.