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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

10 amazing facts about Lip gloss...No.1

Over the years, lip gloss has continued to beautify ladies world over
and its amazing ''beauty add'' has come to stay in the ladies world.
However, this amazing beauty gloss has some amazing facts which many
ladies never know about. Below are some interesting and amazing facts
about lip gloss;

1. Lip gloss was invented by a man.

Yes and that is absolutely true. Lip gloss was the invention of a man
which has become a add-on to ladies beauty pack for several decades.
In 1930, Max Factor invented lip gloss for ladies and as at then it was called ''X-RATED''. His contortion was actually used as make up for ladies in film production but some how, the concoction found its way into the fashion world and into ladies closet, purse and hang bags all over the world.Max-Factor also coined the word ''make-up'' because he was a professional in making a ladies face beautiful for filming.

Monday, 30 March 2015


It really amazed me to see these dogs grow from puppies to adult. You may look at them and say wow that they are adorable but what I actually think is adorable is the fact that they recognized that they are the same, irrespective of their skin or fur colour. These dogs have outgrown RACISM. If these dogs can shun RACISM we too as humans ( categorized as higher animals) can even do much more. Shun RACISM and embrace one another with LOVE!

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Ideas rule the world and creativity usually blows the human mind of
how man can think and reason to get things done. My question to you is
very simple, HOW CREATIVE ARE YOU? To be creative is easy, its makes
you a pathfinder, a navigator, an out of the box thinker and the names
continues. You must try hard to see things from a positive mind self
with the believe that what you think can exist. Get creative today and
amaze your world. BE CRE8TIVE!


Snails are wonderful source of protein for consumption and would continue to be with about 88% protein content and its considered to be a very good source of protein for those avoiding to be fat and also for those that are diabetic. I have a book on snails and the picture above is the paper back to the e-book. You can order for your copy now.

Good Morning-DREAM BIG!

Good Morning,

Welcome to another wonderful morning, another wonderful day. I hope you had a good night rest. Before you woke up today, I was just wandering why we sometimes think small and dream small. If you dont dream big for your self, who will? I therefore urge you to THINK BIG and DREAM BIG!


You might have heard about the game of chess. I call it the game of kings. Chess is a nice game which enhances thinking prowess. In chess, every single step or move counts.

Chess is not a game of luck, its a game of intellect and strategy. In fact, if you play chess game regularly, it would help you think well, make better decisions regarding issues of life.

 However, no matter your level of expertise, always remember that in the game of chess, CHECKMATE ends the game, regardless how well you played!


I want to use this medium to have a minute silence to the fallen Nigerian soldiers in their battle against boko haram. May their soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Cocoa house , Dugbe , Ibadan is referred to as the tallest building
in Ibadan , Oyo state which is about 30 story high and was built by
Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Cocoa house still stands in its elegant beauty in Ibadan, functioning perfectly well and an amazing sky scrapper to behold. One major thing the cocoa house complains about is its loneliness as there are very few sky scrapers like it in in Ibadan. To some who may not know what and where is Ibadan. Ibadan is the largest city in Africa and the third most popular city in Africa after Nigerian Independence in 1960. Cocoa house was said to have been built from cocoa proceeds by some and if you ever come to Nigeria or Ibadan, do not forget to get to cocoa house and behold its brown cocoa beauty.


There are some common things we do at the work place that can put us into serious troubles which we are either ignorant about or just over look. I am going to expose to you in few seconds, some of these things and the right thing you ought to do.

1). Email communication [ CC, BCC]:
Sometimes, we may want to to communicate with our down-line and we feel its just okay to copy our superior in such mail. This is absolutely wrong. You are expected to copy your superior after seeking his consent about it officially. You just don't copy anyone or everyone in all mail like that. Secondly, blind copy is very sensitive than carbon copy. You only use blind copy in the organization if you are
carrying out an investigation which you do not want some individuals
to know about. You should note that cabon copy depicts openness and
blind copy depicts secrecy, so if its not a secret , why use blind

Sometimes, there may be an information we need to inform our boss
about, instead of sending mail, simply walk into his or her office and
have a one on one chat if he or she is close to you. You don't send
mails for everything.

Never argue via mail. Some people are strong with words in mails than
words spoken from their mouth. So if you try to argue via mail and you
are a person with strong words , you will just complicate issues for
yourself which you never really meant to as you may be saying things
the right way straight from your mind, and your words are saying the
exact opposite of what you literally mean.

I will shed more light on this in subsequent post, but till then, try
to use this information as a guide.


Everyday we wake up, dress up and set off to accomplish our daily task. We sometimes say a word of prayer and we sometimes do not. Have you every for once taught why the word fear not appeared 365 times in the bible? Well, its for you to use each one a day, and on a leap year, just thank God. No matter what you pray for, if you do not have faith and you live in fear , its as good as not praying at all. Job said, his worst fear has come upon him, let us take a leave from that. If you pray so much and you live in so much fear, you are going to have what you fear come to reality. Have a change of attitude, pray, have faith and FEAR NOT!


I woke up this morning thinking about you. I thought about your place
of work, your family , your projects, your issues of concerns, how you
want to make ends meet, what you are battling with right now and why
you stay awake all night at times. I have good news for you, you will
SUCCEED and your success will be more colourful than the feathers of
this bird!



Sometimes I wonder why we need to exercise at all. Some of my friends usually asserts that everything is an exercise but i constantly negate that assertion. I want to quickly reveal to you why everything is not an exercise.
1). Exercise resides in another state of mind than activities.
2) Exercise gives you a unique and totally different instant result.
3) Exercise gives you more strength, agility and increased resistance level or stamina and longer term results while activities continues to build up your fatigue level.
Everything is an activity, there is definitely no doubt about it.  However, when a water turns into an ice or iceberg, it is recognized and respected on a different level.


If there is anything I cherish so much about GOOGLE, its nothing else than their innovation. These guys called google are great thinkers and  with this height of great thinking, they will continue to be relevant in the world.
Google is bringing adverts to another new realm and dimension. Google is coming us with adverts that would show on your T.V and this adverts would appear based on the popular stations you watch or based on what you watch most on your television set. This has got nothing to do with videos you watch via your video or dvd player, but programmes you watch on your favorite T.V stations.
This is good news to advertisers, good news to T.V viewers and good news to those who will be looking for ways to earn additional source of income from google T.V ads.
One major thought that crossed my mind is the manner or rate the adverts would interrupt viewers at home. I just thought about advert on youtube and the option to skip advert if viewer is not interested, but how can viewers skip unwanted T.V adverts which i see as TECHNOLOGICAL IMPOSED ADVERTS!
Bravo Google!


Good am my fans, friends, my people. This is the dawn of another brand new day and nothing will stop you from succeeding today!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015



Are you at a cross road?

Probably life has been very cruel and unfair to you.

Have you been deserted by friends and loved ones for one reason or the other?
May be you have been scammed by one of the numerous fly by the night, shinning objects scattered all over the cyberspace and consequently in a very terrible state of mind.
Possibly you have concluded that nothing good can come out of the internet for you.
Well, you are not alone! we have been there! Probably in a worse state than your experience. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugliest you can ever think of on the internet.
The good news is that your persistency has finally paid off. You have finally found the real deal.
I want to emphasis here, that we are different!

This is not HYIP, pyramid or any of those money games online. We are a movement, a non-governmental organization born out of passion to elevate the standard of life for the less privileged.
Prior to launching this website, which has given us a global footing; we have been a traditional offline organization, rendering charity services across the globe.
Specifically in; Asia, Africa and Middle East. Last year alone, we toured over 6 countries of the world rendering charity and carrying out empowerment projects. We have executed project in Philippine, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria and Cambodia.
We are ... Helping Hands International (H2i) ...and we did love to empower your life uniquely like we have done to thousands.
Helping Hands International is a divinely inspired organization delivered into the hand of Mrs. MAC-ELVIS Luzviminda, a dynamic Lady from the Philippines, gifted with exceptional habit of giving, helping and consumed daily by the passion to make this world a better place for the common man.
As an organization, we believe that the more help we give, the more people we empowered – the better and happier we would be.
We believe in the saying; Be of good service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or less privilege, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need, give a helping hand today" This is our core driving philosophy.
Making this a reality for all is the purpose of our existence – 0ur unparalleled solutions to your needs and problem.
Our Unparalleled Solutions
1. Life Empowerment Services
In helping hands, we help you reshape your destiny; empower you and change your life permanently.
With our life empowerment services, we thrive to make life better and meaningful for our members as we support you and help you to acquire skills that will motivate you to take steps to improve your life and lives of others.
Our life changing services is a multi-dimensional process that foster power in you to be useful to yourself and the people around you.
We are here to empower you with amazing services that improves the life of our members and non- members (the less privileged).
These services includes:
Humanitarian Services
Trade and Skill Acquisition Service
Assets and Property Purchase Services
Financial Support services
Scholarship Empowerment services
2. Unique Compensation Plan
We have developed an unbeatable compensation plan that is a total departure from the norm.
We have extracted the best features of 2 x 2 forced matrix and integrated it with the best of 2 x 5 forced matrix to produce the best and fastest income producer.
The benefits are delivered to you as you move up our hierarchy of stages. We have 5 stages, namely: The Associate, Master, Super Master, Minister and Prime Minister.
It is designed in such a way that your whole work here is just to refer only 2 people and encourage them to do same. Once this is achieved, you recover your initial $40 one time investment.
Most importantly, by achieving this, you also set up a ceaseless income producing machine that will keep chunking fund into your account whether you are active or not for years to come.
Our system also offers spill over and spill under benefits. You enjoy 10% matching bonus each time a direct down line of yours completes his matrix and moves to the next stage. I am quite much convinced you will love it!
We offer you cars, exotic holiday trips round the world, housing fund, educational fund for your kids, Interest free loans and the opportunity to empower your loved ones through our "Empowerment for the less Privilege program" among other benefits. Indeed, this is mind blowing!
It is a ruthless, no nonsense plan that guarantees that everyone, even you, grow wealthy in no distance time if little effort is committed.
In summary our highly profitable plan offers you over 12 multiple ways of earnings to enhance your life and that of your loved one.
This includes:
Referral Bonus(20%)
Matrix Bonus($10-$80000)
Matching Bonus($100-$600)
Yearly infinity Bonus($5000)
Educational fund($2000)
Cars( Ist car-small Hyundai; second car-hyundai Jeep)
Free International exotic trip
Housing fund($40,000)
Interest free Loan(up to $44,000)
Empowerment for the 2 less privileged nominated by you.
A replicated hitech website with back-end to manage your business real time.
Promotional Incentives
This is the opportunity the world has been waiting for!
A business opportunity that is truly global and designed with member's interest at heart is what we are offering you!
Can't you see that H2i is not just a money making venture, but a humanitarian project anchored by administrators with The heart for the people.
Our original intention is to empower the less privileged and this will never change! This is a long term project and quite different from what has been on the internet.
Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we provide:
Regular cash flow unlike other matrix plans where you only earn when you circle.
Affordable and profitable business plan. Just $40 onetime payment and you are up and running!
An online business that has a visible face run by humanitarians.
Our Empowerment services is second to none, It is people oriented package, designed to help and touch live of people around you through you.
We are sustainably backed up by international Donors, Conglomerates and Government agencies around the world who believe in our vision.
Welcome to Helping Hands International.
Sign up now and enjoy our world of unlimited possibilities and potentials !
You can register now and get all the help you want .

                                                 CLICK HERE  TO REGISTER NOW.


JOKE ! JOKE !! JOKE!!!                
A girl was with her
father when she
saw her boyfriend
GIRL: Have you come
to collect your book
titled "DADDY IS AT
HOME?" by Ngozi
BOY: No, I want that
your hymns book
called "WHERE
GIRL: I don't have
that one but may
be you should take
the other one titled
TREE" by
Chimamanda Adichie
BOY: Fine, but don't
forget to bring "I
MINUTES" while
coming to school
GIRL: I will also bring
you a new one too
titled"I WON'T LET
Chinua Achebe
DAD: Those books
are too many, will
he read them all
GIRL: Yes dad, he is
very smart &
DAD: Okay don't
forget to give him
the one on the table
titled "I AM NOT
Shakespeare! And
also the one on the
dinning table titled
by Wole Soyinka
Don't leave it,
pass it on 'cos
you may put a smile on someone
who needs just a
smile.....hit the share button below.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Many times, I wonder why I shouldn't have the best bedroom design, kitchen design, living room design, wardrobe design, toilet design, room paint design or any design and decoration I love to see come alive in my house and I discovered I have been the one limiting myself and not money or where to get the design from. I have some unique designs and i will run short commentary on each picture i upload in any of the categories mentioned above.
The picture shows a transparent bathroom and it should be meant for kids but if an adult decides to use it, it should definitely be in the dark, but if otherwise, I REST MY CASE!


Friday, 20 March 2015

Good Morning

Its another wonderful day.
I wish you success in all your activities today!


All men are not thesame and I  speak for myself. One thing I have learnt about women is that they are always sure and confident of their no (  negative affirmation ) than yes.
If a lady says NO...its 99% guaranteed she meant it and 99% that she may not change it, but if a lady says yes with all smiles, tears and shaking of hands , with unstable feet...when you propose to her its 45% that she meant it and 200% certain that she is still unsure of her yes...and also doubtful if she has made the right choice and may change it.
I have seen ladies date for 6 , 10 years courtship and only to change her mind because her prophet said the man is not her husband. I have heard also of a woman leaving her husband her legally married husband with kids because her mother in law is not good to her. When some men sense that his woman can change easily...they flirt or just keep her for domestic use while searching for the special one that would stay no matter what happens .....even if they do good or bad, they can still bank on her. 
Some men would even flirt deliberately and do all manner of crazy things in courtship to test their lady confidence , boldness and loyalty which is not good. Men want a stable wife regardless if they are stable or not in all ramification....those are the ones they marry and they flirt with the unstable ones!
Women or ladies like counting days and years of relationship and proud themselves in it...e.g we have been dating for 5years now and will soon settle down...but men count IMPACT of relationship. A 5years relationship to a lady can just be like 5weeks to a guy.


We live in country that has devalued the degree, making some companies take advantage of the ever skyrocketing rate of unemployment in our society. Thus, making us to focus on masters and phd as a safe haven. This is all wrong! We must have a different trajectory from mainstream perception of the politicians and the populace at large. When we have this nexus of disenfranchising the  ideology of the politicians and populace, that is when we have obtain the power , luxury and privilege to explicitly reject or repudiate injustice and lack of respect for academic prowess and thereby fighting the egregious wealth of the politician whom some consider as patriots of this great nation Nigeria. There must be a stop to the ever increasing wealth gap in Nigeria which is synonymous to two pararell lines.


Domesticated animals are what we call pet and pet are fun to have around, but what kind of animal should we really consider as pet. I have seen situations where people domesticate ANIMALS THAT ARE MEANT TO BE IN THE ZOO as pet and this is just one of many.

The last time I went to the zoo, I cant remember seeing a bull dog or German Shepherd in the cage as a wild animal. I cant remember seeing rabbits in the cage as wild animals except for non-wild animal zoo.

Curling around a snake like this is tantamount to attempted suicide and nothing less because anything can just irritate the pet-beast and it can give a deadly bite.


 One look at the street below makes me feel like a god looking down at humans from heaven. Although , I am not a dare devil sky scrapper climber, but I am definitely not afraid of height.

This picture keeps me wondering how actually tall was the tower of babel? Could it be 100 story, 300 story tall or 1000 story tall or did it actually enter into space and all the builders already using oxygen mask and floating into the space and orbit.

I guess God has seen the danger ahead if such house should enter into space and he had to act quickly to stop the project.  Anyway, this is just a picture to depict what my post is all about and a subtle warning to individuals who might want to attempt this, please don't, its too risky.


I am not a professional blog or website designer but when i design a web or blog, website and I.T professionals goes like.....
Who is this JOE?
How come?
How manage?
I don't understand?
Who is he?
Which computer or I.T school did he attend?
Who taught him the tricks?
How is he doing it?
Which I.T center is he affiliated to?
Is he a qualified java expert?
How come he is able to do these?
His he CISQO certified?
Did he train in APTECH OR NIIT?
Did he study computer in University?
To all their numerous questions I say
God said HIS HOLY SPIRIT will teach us all things. The first computer programmer never attended a computer school....'iyen tun ko?'
I rarely type these days, I talk to my laptop and it types for me.
I control my laptop with voice...though not a new technology...but if I cough, my laptop will ask what is that and I will answer cough and he will ask me if he should write it or not.
That was then 'sha' because these days even if i cough or sneeze my laptop understands its just a cough and would ignore.
I remember when my former laptop was gone and things looks so rough and tough, my mother said to me that Joseph, all you need is just 1 laptop and if you can setup a biz that made you employ others and pay them monthly salary without start up capital or loan, you can do it again and again and be a blessing to people.
I am not blowing my self trumpet but all I am saying is that Professionals built Titanic and it killed hundreds but Amateur built the ark and it saved the world from going extinct.
Believe in yourself, depend on no one and that talent of yours you despise or call little because you are not yet professional or rich may save the world from something if you start using it now little by little.
I am unique!
I am a rare gem!
I am a genius!
I am so special!
I am not common!
I am one in a life time!
I am endangered specie!
I am the last of my kind!
I AM Erinle Oluwadamilare Joseph

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Selfies are become more rampant or popular as each day passes by. Some may consider selfies to be childish attitude or mere youthful exuberance, but there is a whole lot of reasons why you must take selfies too.
1). It is fun or a way of having fun.
2). Its a sign of self confidence and appreciating oneself.
3). It draws attention to you if you are nobody and more attention if you are somebody or a public figure.
4). It  helps in knowing what mood you are in.
5). It helps others to appraise you and your beauty or environment.
6). Its makes you develop photography instinct.
7). Its a form of secret or coded communication.
8). Its a form of revealing whats happening at your back or environment when you are totally unaware.
9). Its highly useful for police report or investigation and a form of safety for you.
10). Its a secret source of income you never know.
You had better start taking those selfies now as its advantages are even more than you could ever think off.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Good Morning....

Its another beautiful day!
Time to get moving again to execute all our set plans. 

I wish you a splendid day ahead and best success. More post coming your way today.

Also try to eat good fruits today and if you want a super juice that contains over 50 fruits that you can take at once and feel refreshed and still do all you need to do with so much energy, kindly CLICK HERE NOW.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Good Morning....

Its another beautiful day!
Time to get moving again to execute all our set plans. I wish you a splendid day ahead and best success. More post coming your way today.

Nigerian Best Selfie

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have been having a nice time on my blog.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have been having a nice time on my blog.

I have a few other social media pages with alot of fans and I would like you to check them out one after the other.  Nigerian best selfie , just like the way the name is , was created to be a platform where Nigerians and everyone around the world can come together and post their selfies.

Selfie or selfies was the most popular word in 2013/2014 and it is still gaining popularity as each day goes by. The most interesting aspect of it all is that celebrities are also engaged in the selfie display. Celebs such as Kim, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Amber rose and many more.

As if that is not enough, mobile phone producers are also designing new phones just to make taking selfies wonderful and perfect.

Thats not all, we also have alot of celebrities that take selfies too. What is the concept behind selfies , very simple, express yourself and be happy or use selfie as a medium to pass or communicate an information to someone else. I already have an e-book on selfie and I would lunch it too. You can visit my social media page  on NIGERIAN BEST SELFIE by clicking HERE .I have a few other social media pages with alot of fans and I would like you to check them out one after the other.  Nigerian best selfie , just like the way the name is , was created to be a platform where Nigerians and everyone around the world can come together and post their selfies.

Selfie or selfies was the most popular word in 2013/2014 and it is still gaining popularity as each day goes by. The most interesting aspect of it all is that celebrities are also engaged in the selfie display. Celebs such as Kim, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Amber rose and many more.

As if that is not enough, mobile phone producers are also designing new phones just to make taking selfies wonderful and perfect.

Thats not all, we also have alot of celebrities that take selfies too. What is the concept behind selfies , very simple, express yourself and be happy or use selfie as a medium to pass or communicate an information to someone else. I already have an e-book on selfie and I would lunch it too. You can visit my social media page  on NIGERIAN BEST SELFIE by clicking HERE .

7KM running result

Hi everyone,
I just feel like sharing my marathon training result with you. I completed 7km this morning and the result is below. I aim to run 7km in 25min, but this result is just too poor for my liking. I am not happy with my performance at all.
Can anyone help with tips that can make me run better and faster because at a stage, I 'gased-out' and had to complete the rest by marathon walk mode.
I hope to organize a marathon competition very soon , later this year and I want to be at my best as I will participate too.

Monday, 16 March 2015


May today be the best day ever for you. Wake up! Say your daily prayers and begin to execute your mapped-out plans for today and achieve all the good things you desire.


Tattoos are part of some cultures and to some other people, its mere fashion. Whatever the school of thought you belong to, tattoos have come to stay.
Many people have ended up damaging their skins due to tattoo design, while some others damaged theirs by trying to remove theirs.
3D tattoos seem to be the best way to be tattooed these days with modern equipment used in creating them but the big question still remain if these 3D tattoo is the safest.